In chapter "Our Darker Forefathers", author explain that in some regions of England people have darker complexion beacuse of Slavic ancestors ;D.

The man was a peasant, and most of such people are all-day-long working on sun…not some English "lord" hiding himself from sun would then see someone like that of darker complexion. Imo ;D

This is thread about Slavic history. Here you can post about historic things you arent sure that are true so that we can debate about it. :)

For example in wiki i found this;

According to wiki this was mentioned in Origin of the Anglo-Saxon Race – A Study of the Settlement of England and the Tribal Origin of the Old English People by Thomas William Shore. I wonder where he got that information. I mean what a hell? Do you think this is true? Is there any serious proof?

Wendish Pirates raided British Isle monasteries for loot, sometimes even Danish villages but in general they coexisted with Vikings (Joms Vikings example, which was sort of a Norse/Slavic warrior clan). In East Anglia you will find R1a HP as well, probably left by Wends and some Vikings raiding the territory.


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