I'm not sure if this should go here, but I'm wondering about the origins of these villages/towns:


Mali Bošnjak[/li]
[li]Bošnjane (Rača)[/li]
[li]Bošnjane (Varvarin)[/li]
[li]Mala Bosna[/li]
[li]Bošnjane (Paraćin)[/li]
[li]Bošnjak (Petrovac)[/li]

I find it funny how the Bošnja/Bosna toponym is more common outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina ;D

It is normal, since people that migrate get their name from the region they migrated from, for example people from Croatia that came to Hungary were called Horvat (Croat), people from Rascia (medieval Serbia) that came to Hungary were called Racz (Rascian). If you migrate within the region, you will surely not be named by the same region you are inhabiting, since it isn't a useful designation.


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