I'm not sure if this should go here, but I'm wondering about the origins of these villages/towns:


Mali Bošnjak[/li]
[li]Bošnjane (Rača)[/li]
[li]Bošnjane (Varvarin)[/li]
[li]Mala Bosna[/li]
[li]Bošnjane (Paraćin)[/li]
[li]Bošnjak (Petrovac)[/li]

I find it funny how the Bošnja/Bosna toponym is more common outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina ;D

Those villages were probably founded by Bosniaks which fled Bosnia (Tuzla region to be precise) during the plagues of late 16th century, they were probably expeled from Serbia along with the native Serb Muslims when Serbs got their autonomy/independence. While the holes left by the native Bosniaks from Tuzla region were filled with Hungarian with some Polack and German Muslim converts (who later were assimilated amongst Bosniaks) in the aftermath of Ottoman retreat.


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