Ok, thanks. But why would someone name a place after their ethnicity?

Eh, Svevlad, not ethnicity, but by region. Ethnicity Bosniak developed sometime afterwards, I believe you alone posted texts about that particular ethnogenesis. Bosnjani, Bosniak etc, was at first regional designation (nobody cared what your lineage is, but where you come from), some hundred years after with the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Austria granted those Slavs of muslim faith, till then called Serbo-Croat mohamedanians, that didn't identify with Serb nor Croat ethnicity, to identify with the regional term Bosniak supported by the policies of Benjámin Kállay an Austro-Hungarian minister to be raised to an ethnicity. This was then however not widely accepted among the Serbo-Croat mohamedanians (as I read). 1968 Socialist Federal Yugoslavia adopted the term Muslim by nationality for those people that didn't identify with the Serb nor Croat ethnicity, in the course of the civil war 1993, that Muslim by nationality was changed in the current term Bosniak describing people of Muslim faith living in Bosnia.


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