Slavs in Baltics and their raiding of Scandinavia.
There is even some evidence of a more significant and permanent Slavic settlement in Scandinavia, for example there are place names of Slavic origin in Denmark, and in Sweden there is at least one town that is named Wendel – and Wendel is an old Swedish name for Slavs, meaning that the town was named after Slavs who must have founded it. In fact it originally was an old Germanic designation for Slavs, at least the Western ones, and it was derived from the name of the proto-Slavic Venedi (also known as Veneti, Vineti, or Vinedi). Wendel(l) is also found as a surname in Scandinavia, and it is sometimes even used as a first name in the English-speaking and Germanic-speaking countries. For instance Patrick Hankes and Flavia Hodges in their Oxford Dictionary of First Names, Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, Oxford/New York, 1996 (c 1990), have the following to say about the origin of that name: “(m.) German: from an old Germanic personal name, in origin an ethnic byname for a Wend, a member of the Slavonic people living in the area between the Laba/Elbe and the Odra/Oder…”, the same book also states that the given names of Wendelin, Wenda, and Wanda are of the same derivation.

The Wendol (Slavs, ger. Wendla leod), described in the Beowulf saga. more here


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