Yes I think so, and this tradition of wearing animal hides, thus relating to animals as a sort of an ancestor cult is very lively among all Slavs. Intimidating your foe before actual combat gives you great advantage over the battle, sometimes even victory before engagement.

Don’t these people in 13th warrior both in the book and movie represent remains of a neanderthal savage tribe raiding northeners? Something like last neanderthal tribe in north attacking Homo-Sapiens people.

According to Crichton probably yes, although I doubt neanderthals knew how to tame animals, I doubt he would say: “The Wendols are Slavs, they are monsters and deserve to be exterminated” (if he meant it, is a different question). The Wendel mentioned in the saga, Crichton used as his basis, are Slavs, it was his choice to depict us as a neanderthal savage tribe as the main enemy of the Germanic people.


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