So, first of all… lol at those comments to Bitwa  :D  Then… Swietoslava – Cherchez la femme!  ;)  And.. Poles are and it seems that also always were everywhere;D

Yeah, toponymy in Scandinavia can surprise many people. Check Bohuslän http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohuslan, a traditional region in Sweden. Every Slav sees that it derives in common Slavic name Bohuslav -> Boh (a god) + slav (a Slav). If there are region called after Slavic names in Scandinavia, there had to be also Slavs. Simple.

But it seems that not just Polish and Polabian Slavs got to Scandinavia, but also Slovaks and Moravians. How can we be so sure? Well, there is this map from the 16th century that shows a town Moravia (under the name Gothia):


Unfortunately, I haven't found a map from the 12th century which shows a river called Netra that springs from the town Moravia. And Nitra is an ancient town of the very high historical and cultural importance in Slovakia – called the mother of Slovak towns. Nitra was a centrum of Great Moravian empire (it had more centres), a residence of its greatest King Svätopluk I. So, it shall be as clear as a daylight.  :)

By the way, in the Danish national museum there are lunula pendants with a description – Slavic lunula pendants.

Then check in maps towns like Mora (same as Moravia), Kovland (kov – a metal), Vindeln (Wends = Slavs), Lemesjö (lemeš – an agricultural tool), Byssträsk (so obvious :) bystra – rapid), Bellvik (bel – white, vik – Slavic ending), Drobak (something little), a lake Byssträsket, a river Granan (Gran is an older name of a Slovak river Hron).

And how about this? A script in Slavic language can be found in Swedish Royal library and University in Uppsale. It comes from the 17th century. It is a Tribute to the King Carl XI. officially uttered in Stockholm November the 24 1697. A part of it :

Placzewnaja recz na pogrebenie togho prez segho welemozneiszago i wysokorozdennagho knjazja i ghossudarja Karolusa odinatsetogho swidskich, gothskich i wandalskich (i proczaja) korola, slavnagho, blaghogowennagho i milostiwagho naszego ghossudaja (!), nynjeze u bogha spasennagho. Kogda jegho korolewskogo weliczestwa ot duszi ostawlennoe tjelo, s podobajuszczjusae korolewskoju scestju, i serserdecznym wsich poddannych rydaniem byst pogrebenno w Stokolnje (!) dwatset-scetwertago nowemrja ljeta ot woploszczenia bogha slowa 1697…

…wandalskich…   Vandals (Wends), Slavic inhabitants of Poland and Slovakia. Check this  http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,902.msg9070.html#msg9070

Slavs have maybe the most mysterious history of all Europeans.


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