A lot of Slavs were retroactively Germanized in revisionism.

For instance, the 'Germanic' Lombard's ancestors were called the Winnili and they lived in the Elbe.  Several errors here, the Elbe was completely Slavic back then and Winnili is really a corruption of Wend / Wendowie (Slav).

There was no Slavic migration as they claim, Slavs / Proto-Slavs were in Europe for a long time.

The Germanization is so rooted in academia and popular culture is that it becomes impossible to convince people of these realities.  The worst Germanic people tend to be the British and beyond language they have nothing in common with Scandinavians or Slavs.  As far as the British were concerned, nothing in their culture resembles the Swedes.  Sauna in Scandinavia is a family affair.  Sauna in Britain is a place for Gay Men to have NSA.  Vodka didn't even become popular in Britain until 1970s the earliest.  Nothing in common in architecture, et al.  Dumb British / Irish get all excited over the fact that the Vikings had a few Slave Depots in their lands (and ransacked their monastries).  Whoopie Doo, the Varaganians ran an intregrated Empire called Kievan Rus!  ::)

Of course Russia doesn't really help these things when many Russian intellectuals push for their 'Eurasian' garbage theories.  Slavs should be trying to bring Germans and Scandinavians out of the British-American sphere.


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