As a creator of BSD i should make a response to Sviatogor‘s posts:

It’s a good idea limiting administration on certain resources. Limiting
to edit the Belarusian dictionary on “Big Slavic dictionary” and then
asking why there are only 40 Belarusian entries with half of them are

Belarusian is an archaic Slavic language. If the admin
does not pay attention to a particular Slavic language, then “Big
Slavic dictionary” site is not worth paying attention.

There are no restricions to add belarusian words at all.

1. The current version of dictionary allows comments to any word.
Then some moderator check the comment and will update the word with a right translation.

At the moment of this comment: there are 0 comments regarding belarusian words.

2. The current engagement of belarusian users of our discord server to translate belarusian is minimal (zero).

The conclusion is simple: belarusians are not interested in this (at this moment).

I would not be interested to become a mod or administrator to edit the site.

My current policy is that the mod position is open for top contributors. Not for somebody who made 0 translations.


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