Well, I understand what you are trying to imply me, but Church was rather supportive of it:

[img height=200]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-cQGk7uk4O4I/Tx_BefKePRI/AAAAAAAABXM/5CIAigYdsJA/s1600/Bogorodica+Mlekopitateljnica+iz+isposnice+Sv+Save.jpg” />

Yes, but it seems the more we progress, the more prude we are.

Private parts are private for the reason that they exclusively bear a sexual connotation among adults, we as humans in comparison to animals do not have mating seasons, but are throughout the year'in season' (we want to have sex all the time). We cover up in order to convey that we are taking some control over our instincts for the purposes of maintaining civilized behavior.

Seeing an exposed breast in public, is as much as indecent as seeing exposed buttocks or genitalia, since it bears that one meaning.

How much thought about female rights, when looking at this picture.


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