It has more to do with wrong interpretation of Chrisitanity known as English-American puritanism.
That had nothung to do with feeding of children and you know it decadent, immoral and indecent. We are speaking about breastfeeding, it bears no sexual conotation, person who could look at breastfeeding with sexual conotation is mentaly sick. And obviously some people forgot for what breasts are.

People that look at breasts with sexual connotation are not sick, since most of men do (what is done with the breasts is a different category). To cut the discussion short, I see breastfeeding as a private act, not a public one, in the same manner I see urinating as a private act as well (or one done in a more intimate public, like a public toilet).

Breastfeeding in public I find indecent because one is exposing his private parts to the public, parts that should be kept private. I am an old-fashioned person, I understand that in the more liberal times, this is seen as conservative, but 'сто људи, сто ћуди'. I do not feel offended, but I find it indecent.

[img height=400]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/26/Male_public_urination.jpg” />
This is also, as normal, and natural and necessary as breastfeeding your child,
nonetheless it is indecent to do it in public.


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