I don't like seeing it in public. I don't take a piss in the middle of the street on the first tree I see, eventhough it is a natural behaviour, there still is a sense of decency that one has to possess while in public.

Feed your child before taking it out, or if inevitable find a suitable place for it or do it discreet.

I totally agree with this comment, in normal society it would be forbidden. It doesn't matter, what standards of behavior were common 2000 years ago  (anyway all pictures is just a medieval fantasy) or in ancient societies,  if a present day woman do it in public, she has any targets beside breastfeeding, it's rather an exhibitionism or the desire to become famous.

I don't care what other "modern" users think about these words, the crisis of morality causes the racial crisis, if in your country the most of women are sluts and most of men are either alcoholics or gays or another scum, then you may forget about any white future.


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