Britain's position on the human development index can be deceiving.. especially in regard to city infastructure.  I was in Britain over a month and there are many deplorable cities like Glasgow.

The whole island is filled with unappealing 1880s cheap Victorian buildings, which would probably collapse if there were ever a major earthquake.  The transit system in many British cities isn't much different to what you'ld find in Eastern Europe.

The irony is that North Americans and British claim that Eastern European cities are dirty.. on the contrary, they're so in denial considering the urban decay in the United States and Great Britain. 

I reckon it's one of those genetic things to being Anglo, aslong as being multicultural.  Most Anglo cities tend to be rubbish.  Then the icing on top are all the foreign scourge in their cities.  There's many areas in the Great Britain which are a no go zone after 8 PM.  The same cannot be said for Eastern European cities, unless you're in a place like Bulgaria or something and because of Gypsies.

Except for the fellow tourists and expats, the majority of London is pretty much non-European foreigner.  Anglo cities are the dirtest and most dangerous.


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