What I find most ironic about all of this is that European football is known for producing White on White racism a lot more frequently then White on Black racism but no one seems to pick up on this in the media or does not want to pick up on this because it does not fit the official politically correct story that we are expected to believe.

You bring up an interesting point. Real football manifests rivalries between neighboring nations (even if they have similar cultures and races) very often.

The media of course won't get a story right or try to promote anything useful. They thrive on fear. People who are afraid will check the news more often. They may as well just say "We don't care about the truth. We just want to make money."

I don't trust news channels, papers or websites, though. I see a story and try to read it but it's all just persuasive writting toward one political side. So then I have to read about that same story from the other side's paper. Then it's time to look at a non- american paper. I doublecheck, triplecheck, sometimes quadruplecheck and more often than not am still left with a sense that I don't have the whole story.


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