How much do Serbs and Bulgars understand each other linguisticaly? Also you have very similar costumes and culture so i guess you like each others right?

We are the most similar Slavs by tradition, culture and heritage. I noticed Bulgarians understand us better than we understand them, cause we talk slower than they do. Our relationship is pretty cold since WW2, since we were fighting on opposite sides. We also see Bulgarians as astrayed, sold to the west, so to speak (but in our eyes only the Rus are still with us). I have a feeling it is getting better with the younger generations though. We share a great deal of our history, going through most of the things hand in hand, are both seen as the cradle of the Slavic Orthodox Christianity (Pravoslavlje), and were the first Slavic Empires in the history.

We do not necessarily like each other, but the Bulgarians are the only Slavs on the peninsula Serbs respect. All in all a great foundation for closer ties.


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