It is not point. Point is that their servile government recognised shipatr occupatated Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija as indipendent state. Such acction is seen by Serbs as betrayal. Bulgarians are close to us, since we share same religion and have similar culture and language. But, as stated previously, most Serbs do not blame common people but series of over-servile pro-western Bulgarian governemts.

I wouldn't necessarily say as betrayal (eventhough the word is often used), but as subjugation. The common Bulgarian isn't seen as a traitor of his culture, in the manner of Slavic and Orthodox, but as conquered and submitted by the non-Slavic foreigners that actively desecrate it. The same is with Montenegro.

For Serbs, they are not [size=11pt]The Bulgarians[/size], proud Slavs and Orthodox, that went through the same hardships as we did, but just one of the faceless european nations bearing the name, a subjugated Slavic nation that follows the dictate of their non-Slavic lords from the west. Those western non-Slavic lords that burn, destroy, and desecrate our common Slavic as well as our Orthodox heritage.

They are not seen as traitors, for traitors have an opportunity to choose, common Bulgarians don't… in the same manner they didn't some 100 years ago.


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