The population of Bulgaria is constantly ageing, and currently Bulgarians are minority based on the number of newborns in one year. Photo by BGNES

The population of Bulgaria is going down by 6 persons every hour, and by few months it will fall below seven million, the Center for Demographic Statistics alarms.

Based on the above data, experts from the Center have issued the worrisome forecast that in 10 years Bulgarians will no longer be the majority in their own country.

The experts, cited by Darik radio, remind that by the number of newborns for five years already Bulgarians are a minority.

They stress that currently the Bulgarian State is facing the choice to "feed Bulgarians or the Roma," and warn that ethnic tensions can become routine in the country and even lead to a civil war.

I also would like to add even though our population growth is negative, the birthrate and fertility is mostly maintained by the gypsies

How much of the Bulgarian population census do they make?


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