Yes Sweden never even adopted feudalism, let alone serfdom. But really being a free farmer doesn't exempt you from all kind of taxation now does it?

Sweden did have feudalism as miltary and legal system and structural divison of society, but they did not have feudalism in economical sense. (relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour).

I also assume since they adopted constitutional monarchy the nobility went into decline.

Well if you reffer to parlaimentarism between 1719 and 1772 parlaiment was dominated by nobles. As of later times:

Between the 17th and the 19th century the House of Nobility was a chamber in the Estates of the Realm, and as such, a Swedish equivalent to the British House of Lords.

After 1866, when the Riksdag of the Estates was replaced by the new Riksdag, the Swedish House of Nobility served as a quasi-official representation of the Swedish nobility, regulated by the Swedish government. Since 2003, it has been a private institution, which maintains records and acts as an interest group on behalf of the Swedish nobility, with the main purpose to maintain old traditions and culture.


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