According to many Slovene folktales world was created by God-ly Cock or Heavenly Cock. ;D Ok i know this probably sounds like a joke but it isnt. Here is one variant of creation myth among Slovenes;

It is said that the Higher power sent heavenly cock who hatched an egg (yeah i know its weird since here cock hatches an egg ;D). From this egg the seven rivers flowed and all men lived happily. The cock stayed on earth and woke up people in the mornings and crowed for dinners, etc. But the people were fed-up of his crowing so they asked God to take him out. So the heavenly cock went back to the heavens. Before cock leaved he said unto them beware of the lake. And so humanity was free however people were not working according to the directives of the cock anymore and they didnt care for the law & order. So came diseases and other troubles. The people wanted heavenly cock back but it was to late for he disappeared for ever.

The remembered his warning about the lake but they didnt understand what he meant so they made guard around it. Over time people were becoming more and more lazy. They slept all the time and destroyed everything. However someone among them wanted to know why the flow of water is always constant. Others told him it is so because of the cock. All these sluggish people had a quarrel whether there is to little or to much water and the third man said they are both right and that they should all brake down the cocks egg to pieces and to lay out the water to every one as much as he wants. All people agreed with the third thinker. They went to the mountain and with rocks they destroyed the egg and from the egg there came so much water that almost all people drowned.

During the flood only one man survived. He was guardsman a Carniolan (Kranjec a inhabitant of Kranjska) by birth. He cling on grapevine's. The grapevine was a plant protected by Kurent. Kurent seeing this enlarged grapevine so that guardsman could climb onto clouds where he waited for an end of flood. After nine years the water ran out and the earth dried. In gratitude for this Kurent demanded from Carniolan that he and his descendants all venerate grapevine and drink her wine. ;D

And such is the tale of Heavenly Cock!

Oh boy translating this is heavy weight category. :D Anyway i will translate another variant of creation myth next time. ;)


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