Now out of fun let's put aside my reconstruction of Slavic mythology and let's add some Science fiction into the story.  ;D

1)We have one successfully being created and one corrupted.
2)We have cracking of egg, melting of ice.
3)two creatures coming to cautiousness and a fight between the corrupted (Mutated?) and pure one
4)one winning, our God(hero?) and starting the human civilization.

now if we have fun with Aliens and the whole creation myth considering genetics and myths and metaphors what could we understand.
1) Humans share their DNA with monkeys and such primates thought we have a missing link in evolution chain and sudden culture expansion. If we take the earliest of our Indo-European myths and a bit of Science fictiot could we guess creation of humans was a experiment by some other life forms? Experimenting with mamal monkey DNA and something other to create a "Human" with one experiment turning wrong (the corrupted Titan) and one experiment succeeding (the God, human).
2) Cracking of Egg(Slavic, Greek, Roman, Celtic) and Ice melting(Hindu, Germanic) creation myth combined together remind so greatly of a criogenic freezing:
Both the capsule(Egg) and freezing(Ice) and how could have primitive early people descirbe something like that other then Egg and Ice.
3) Now the Germanic myth mentions cow licking ice and reveling a god. If we understand that mamals have been on earth longer then human kind and if we say it was an alien experiment it could happened that a cow could have been there in nature close to the criogenic freezing capsules left in nature and in the moment when the egg cracked (i.e. capsule opened) and frozen experiment has been in the open cow licked him until he came into sense. Both the successful experiment (first Human, our God) and the mutated failed experiment (Titan) come to their sense and fight each other to life with our God (our first human) winning the battle and killing the mutated one.
4) if it was an alien experiment it might have been numerous capsules like that and with our Hero killing the mutated one that was the danger for others he becomes a hero and story is formed on that happening and the official start of Human civilization.

I like Science Fiction but seriously this in my head has sense ;D Take in consideration the missing link in evolution chain and monkey DNA resemblance to humans and our most ancient Vedic Indo-European scriptures and Myths of our beginnings as well an unexplained sudden expulsion of human civilization, as well as megalithic buildings in history (Pyramids in Egypt, Babylon and Mayas) Stonehenge and many others as if they were there with some other purpoise. I should write a book :)


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