Ok i think it is quite possbile that during Sumerians language was still not very differated and maybe much of Eurasian languages are spawn of Sumeria or related people but that is a rather bold hypothesis. Anyway Dalibor you said;

Both of groups were humans. Out of it there is nothing. Does ùĝ saĝ gíg-ga sound Indo-European to you?

But i say this; Let's say Serbian or any other Slavic language is only lanugage you ever spoke and heard would this sound familiar?

In Oche is direk nevve do Loußbärsh do Salvatursbärsh geleeje. Metmaache kann he jede, dä ein vun uns ripoarische Sproche kann, dä Loss am Schrieve hät, un weiß, wie mer för e Nohkixel schrieve deit. ;D

Let alone this;

śṛṇu pārtha yathāvṛttam itihāsaṃ purātanam gṛdhrajambuka saṃvādaṃ yo vṛtto vaidiśe purā duḥkhitāḥ ke cid ādāya bālam aprāptayauvanam kulasarvasva bhūtaṃ vai rudantaḥ śokavihvalāḥ. ;D ;D


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