well we cant say one people predate another in existence. they didnt fall from sky… all developed continually, or branched from one another at some point in time and after some period differences were in place, so they considered each other to be different people.
People usually dont get up on morning 5000 years ago and "hey lets be sumerians".

śṛṇu pārtha yathāvṛttam itihāsaṃ purātanam gṛdhrajambuka saṃvādaṃ yo vṛtto vaidiśe purā duḥkhitāḥ ke cid ādāya bālam aprāptayauvanam kulasarvasva bhūtaṃ vai rudantaḥ śokavihvalāḥ. ;D ;D

and should i buy some alcohol too?  ;D


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