So what do you guys think of relation between Sumerians and Indo-Europeans?

In my opinion the so called "aryan" tribes settled in northern India, Egypt, Persia and in Mesopotamia. Ofcourse it is undisputed that Indians were an aryan tribe, since sanskrit language is clearly Indo – European, but in my opinion so were Sumerans. Some of the descendant of the Sumer today (Assyrians or Chaldeans) have blue eyes and blond hair (extremely rare of course), this is pretty much evidence that the majority of them were like that some 4000 years ago.
Today they are no more fairer than the regular gypsy, but alas, thousands of years of mongrelization with semitic people does that to you.

I bet if linguists analyzed more closely the substrate of ancient Sumerian they would find some Indo-European residue.

Now, the Sumerian creation myth doesn't really have anything in common with the Indo-European one, but some myths certainly overlap. Take for example Inanna descent into the Underworld, it is similar to the the various European myths where certain fertility gods go underground for a period of time (usually winter time) and as a consequence the land becomes infertile. Is it not the same as Demetra and Persephone?
I guess the rest of their mythology was under heavy semitic influence.

I share the belief that all the greatest past civilizations were founded by one "Aryan" tribe, the people who according to some myths originated from Atlantis.


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