sounds like true "aryans"  ;D

You must understand that Sumerian language was dotted with phonological assimilations, in fact it was a feature of their language.

Both Ngi and Gi are transliterated from cuneiform into latin "Gi"

Ngi meant black, but Gi meant "civilized"

So let as assume originally it was sanggi: they paired a velar nasal consonant (ng) with a voiced velar stop (g). If the phonological assimilation part is true, it's possible they changed gi into ngi (pairing two velar nasals, to reach assimilation), shifting the semantics of the expression from "civilized head" into "black head". So it's quite possible they originally called themselves "Civilized-headed people". This is a theory supported by some linguists of Sumerian.

In addition this title was also taken later by all Babylonians, so I think the"civilized" theory makes sense. But it's all my humble opinion on the matter…


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