Now one more thing combined with SF consipracy theories.

1)Most of Indo-European theories suggest a god Pantheon of several Gods fighting the Giants. It's always the same fight that happenes, and it's an everlasting circle i.e. the repeated happening. Norse Paganism calls it Ragnarok, but all IE have a name for the battle.
[img width=541 height=700]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ELc77USmeuY/Tcr5QGot2QI/AAAAAAAAA6w/LISkHDWtbi0/s1600/thor-movie.jpg” />
(indo-European Gods fighting Giants, always the same pattern in all IE faiths)

2)Abrahamic faiths – In Sumerian writings found in old Sumerian cities they speak of Anunnaki supreme beings but only one among them is a main god (Enlil) which would be an equivalen to Abrahamic concept of Gods who derived from it, fighting the lesser deities they created Igigi's that have rebelled (reminding of fallen Angels). The Anunnaki described by Summerians were human like but of Giant size compared to humans, at least double of our size. Most of Abrahamic faiths have roots in Sumerian era, or at least can be traced back to there.
(giant Anunnaki compared to Humans in relics found from Sumerian era)

3) Rebelled Igigi against the Anunnaki.
In Abrahamic faith (Anunnaki worshipping) concept of fallen Angels(Satan) rebelling to God(Anunnaki).
In Indo-European faiths (Igigi worshipping) from their perspective the Gods rebelling against the Giants(Anunnaki). ["Zeus and other Gods rebelling against his creator/father Giant/Titan Cronos"]

4) In Sumerian tablets it is written there was around 300 Igigis(lesser deities) in Heaven of Sumerian Gods that have rebelled. In Christianity and Judaism in Book of Enoch derived from old Babylonian religion(which is connected to Sumerians) it speaks of Angels who numbered a total of 200 to watch over humans but rebelled against the God. Same as Igigis work was replaced by Humans but rebelled and fought against the Anunnaki and mixed with humans [Indo-European Gods having numerous offspring with humans called Demi-gods, Hercules on example].

5) It is said that Nibiru X planet comes close to earth every 3600 years and that's when the Anunnaki visit earth.
    *In Abrahamic faiths it is said that The God will return and judge. (giant Anunnaki revisiting earth) .
    *In Indo-European faiths it is said that the final battle against the Giants(Anunnaki) will happen again. In Norse Ragnarok.

so that might imply that cycle, they are returning, IE people derive from the rebelled ones while Abrahamic faith people are the one worshiping Anunnaki.

So we can as well trace that both precursors of Indo-European religions (European paganism, Hinduism, Budhhism) and Abrahamic faiths( Chistianity, Judism, Islam) have roots in geographically close area and might have originitad by same happenings i.e. the religions might have started as epochs of same thing that occurred in the area.

Could we suggest the Indo-Europeans today worship as Gods the Igigi's that rebelled against the Giants (Anunnaki)? While Abrahamic faiths worship the Anunnaki as a supreme God that will return and judge all obedient people and banish fallen Angels (satan) referring to rebelled lesser deities Igigi?


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