[size=12pt]Ancient Semitic religion[/size]

The term ancient Semitic religion encompasses the polytheistic religions of the Semitic speaking peoples of the ancient Near East and Northeast Africa. Its origins are intertwined with Mesopotamian mythology. As Semitic itself is a rough, categorical term (when referring to cultures, not languages), the definitive bounds of the term "ancient Semitic religion" are likewise only approximate. These traditions, and their pantheons, fall into regional categories: Canaanite religions of the Levant, Assyro-Babylonian religion strongly influenced by Sumerian tradition, and Pre-Islamic Arabian polytheism.

A topic of particular interest is the possible transition of Semitic polytheism into the contemporary understanding of Abrahamic monotheism by way of the god El, a word for "god" in Hebrew and cognate to Islam's Allah.

This is a partial list of possible Proto-Semitic deities.

(Abbreviations: Ac. Akkadian-Babylonian; Ug. Ugaritic; Pp. Phoenician; Ib. Hebrew; Ar. Arabic; OSA Old South Arabian; Et. Ethiopic)


[size=11pt]'Ilu[/size] "god" (Sky god, head of pantheon: Ac. Ilu, Ug. il, Pp. ʼl/Ēlos, Ib. Ēl/Elohim, Ar. Allāh, OSA ʼl).[/li]


[size=11pt]'Aṯiratu[/size] (Ilu's wife: Ug. aṯrt, Ib. Ašērāh, OSA ʼṯrt). The meaning of the name is unknown. She is also called ʼIlatu "goddess" (Ac. Ilat, Pp. ʼlt, Ar. Allāt).[/li]


[size=11pt]'Aṯtaru [/size](God of Fertility: Ug. ʻṯtr, OSA ʻṯtr, Et. ʻAstar sky god).[/li]


[size=11pt]'Aṯtartu[/size] (Goddess of Fertility: Ac. Ištar, Ug. ʻṯtrt, Pp. ʻštrt / Astarte, Ib. ʻAštoreṯ). The meaning of the name is unknown and not related to ʼAṯiratu.[/li]


[size=11pt]'Haddu[/size] (Storm god: Ac. Adad, Ug. hd, Pp. Adodos). The meaning of the name is probably “thunderer”, also known as Baʻlu "husband, lord" (Ac. Bel, Ug. bʻl, Pp. bʻl/Belos, Ib. Baʻal).[/li]


[size=11pt]Śamšu[/size] "sun" (Sun goddess: Ug. špš, OSA: šmš, but Ac. Šamaš is a male god).[/li]


[size=11pt]Wariḫu[/size] "moon" (Moon god: Ug. yrḫ, Ib. Yārēaḥ, OSA wrḫ).[/li]

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