@Shaokang be optimistic a bit. We will enter the EU, but not as soon as we are being told. All that talk about Russia’s wrongdoings are just for show in western countries (to win over Ukrainians, to keep eastern Europe happy etc.), RF is a big country, a big market. Serbia could be the bridge between (I know how cliche this sounds), not that they need bridges anyway. Our country practically recognizes Kosovo, only it’s not official yet. Every person with a bit of sense knows that. It’s bad, it’s unjust and relatively wrong, but it’s reality. We’ll probably get those Northern Municipalities or they’ll form a entity and the Kosovo story is over. We are currently neutral, we cooperate with NATO a lot, we have agreements with them, ok, people don’t like NATO, but since when are we asked? People are blind, they don’t see further than their noses, we are nothing against NATO, we already tried that in 1999 and saw how that goes. We don’t have to be with them or with Russians, it’s important just that we aren’t against them.