I've read it over, I still don't understand how it is "anti-Orthodox pointless garbage".

Treating countries like Greece and Serbia as fundamentally "Western" is a Cold War relic, and admitting Greece into both NATO and the EU was a sentimental and short-sighted symptom of that mindset. Their voters have spoken, and the Greek "left" agrees with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, while Serbia's lingering denial of Srebrenica counts as progress. These are not liberal Western societies and never will be in the lifetimes of anyone alive today.

…Their true brethren are in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk, and they should be allowed to drift in that direction. This new "Fourth Reich" bloc (personal note: as opposed to the Western mainstream agenda) is defined by several pervasive common traits: unapologetic corruption and authoritarianism, toxic ethnic and sectarian tribalism, the bizarre cult of Slavic and/or Orthodox particularism, twinned Antisemitism and Islamophobia, complete subordination of individuality to hive-thought, an ironically homoerotic love of all things macho (personal note: probably what the west perceives as being male), and hopeless demographic free-fall. The proper Western response to the "Fourth Reich" is not confrontation because the effort is not worth the reward of saving these societies from themselves. They will no longer exist in anything resembling their current form by mid-century unless they abruptly lay off the substance abuse and resume having babies….

…(that would be you, Mr. Saakashvili), and disregard any long-term self-destructive…

And if majorities in Greece, Serbia, and even Russia want ethnically homogenous mono-states, who are we to contest their democratic will? All the West can do is leave the door open for the self-chosen exceptions as we did during the Cold War. They will not be many, they will not be missed, they will be welcome and productive here, and their lives are at literal risk in their homelands. We at least travel to the far ends of the earth to bomb and torture foreigners; the "Fourth Reich" enjoys such excesses with their own people (if they will pardon the grave offense of inferring that Roma, Albanians, Chechens, Dagestanis, etc. are "their own people"). Let Greece leave, and abandon sentimental fantasies of Serbia or any other Balkan tribe becoming "Western" in any meaningful sense. The "Fourth Reich" states flunk the most basic criterion for becoming Western: they do not want to be Western and, in fact, despise the West. Their wishes should be respected.

So you want to say this shows Serbia, Russia, Greece, Belarus, Ukraina and Gruzia in positive light? Next step would be to show, how all this is derived from their "retrograde religion"


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