This text is funny. However Greeks are bunch of communists sucking up our money. Modern Greeks are fake ass anarchist who want to live great lifes on our accounts. Comparing pensions in Slovenia or other post 2004 EU members with Greek pensions tells us all. Not that i mention our economy is healthier than theirs yet we have worser pay and pensions. Thats becouse Greeks are fake ass lazy assholes and all they want is money. They are spending more than they can afford and they went crying in Strasbourg since they have empty barrel.

Well, text is wrong, they blaber about neo-Nazis, while by all chances in Greece radical leftists will win election. Other hypocrisy is while, Greeks spent to much money, guilt for crisis is not theirs but rather American. Also you have similar situation in Spain, where EU encouraged series of socialist governments to use lot of MMF money in order to keep power. EU technocratic drones implemented socialists in Spain, Portugal and Greece out of fear of Comunism, or return right wing dictatorships. Now when drones dont have money to stipend Greek, Spanish and Portugese lumpenproletarait system is devatated.


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