Without the special language education we’d unlikely recognize any similar words in Sanskrit or Persian languages, perhaps Črtomir would understand it without any canna translation  :P  I’m interested to know his opinion in this issue.

By the way i have seen Indians have evolved their own nationalist theories according to which we Europeans are just tribes that came out of India and they even say bad things about us especialy Slavic people. I think first Indo-europeans lived in the area of Andronovo culture or at least somewhere near.

I’m familiar with this phenomenon, such theories are common among Indian and especially Turkic chauvinists. Usually their proofs are based on some debatable linguistic arguments, or mixed asian bones among these cultures. Population on the border areas of ​​distribution of these cultures, as well as practically all later populations really had mixing with Asian natives.

The andronovo culture descended from archeologic cultures of European Europe, most likely the first indoeuropeans lived somewhere on the territory of modern Russia and Ukraine.


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