As I got it correctly, all this theory is generally based not on the genetic researches, but assumptions, historical speculations and other metaphysical arguments, french people definitely have a passion for monkeys.

While it may be, mixing with Neanderthals may give unusual effects, Papuans of Solomon Islands have some light haired population:

Well, they mainly debunked previous marxist genetic researches, for example the Planck institute that studied only the Vindija (Croatia) neanderthal bones. The Croatian "neanderthal" was in fact a hybrid of Yoruban (sapiens) and neanderthalis.

Regardless of what you think of the French, you got to give them credit. I don't know why you are mentioning monkeys because this theory clearly says that we Europeans are not the same as Africans.

As for papuans –
"The characteristic of the Papuan people to linger deserves to dwell on it. For those who have had the opportunity to see Melanesian peoples, we must know that, despite a very dark skin, children at least, are often blond, must of course take into account the Australian sunshine, which is considerable, and probably brighter color, but they are nevertheless very blond. Which, if you allow me this digression, is in total contradiction with the evolutionary theories that claim that the blond hair appeared in response to a lack of sunshine causing vitamin D deficiency, since Australia is one of place in the world where sunlight is strongest, causing a record number of skin cancer among European immigrants. ?the Papuan population does seem to possess gene pool from Neanderthal."


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