Marko Kraljević (Марко Краљевић) was not Macedonian Serb because lot of facts, but to cut them short: There was no state called Macedonia then. He was son of Serbian king, Macedonia was in that time ruled by Serbs, Skoplje was Serbian Capital, all other parts of Macedonia were ruled by Serbian nobles, (Dragaši, Jovan Oliver, Radoslav Hlapen), King Vukašin was „господина зємли срьбьскои и грькѡмь и западнимь странамь“ no mention  of any Macedonians. This would be akin when somebody would consider Crusader Kings as national heroes of Arabs.

He was a Serb in the region of Macedonia, thus Macedonian Serb, with ancestry from Zahumlje, a western province of the Serbian Empire, modern Macedonia being the central one. Macedonian Slavs of today have a wide root of ancestry, Serb being a large part of it.


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