It is like our deranged here proclaiming Bosniaks to be Turks, but actually muslim Serbs, or Bosniaks telling Serbs that they are Turks, for their women were raped sometime in history by their own ancestors.

Oh you cheeky little bugger  ;D


Like I said, Serbs identify by kin unlike Croats that identify by religion (namely Catholicism).

Basis of modern Serbdom is adherence to the Orthodox Church of Serbia which allowed you to assimilate Vlachs, Bulgars, Albos in Monteneggro (whose tribal/clan system you call your own) and Greeks in the region the same way how Catholicism was crucial to assimilation of Italians and Greeks in Dalmatia and how Islam helped integrate 150K Hun, Polack and German refugees which settled in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Krajina into Bosniaks during the Ottoman retreat from central Europe. So your claim that Serbdom was founded solely on blood and kind ties belongs in the bin of "romantic nationalism" and "homogenous nations".

P.S. Vuk Stefanovic as a pillar of the state is far from far fetched, he is not that respected. He is respected for his ethnological research (stories, poems, heritage etc.) but a lot of Serbs (including myself) see his work about linguistics as a desecration of our language, rather than improvement. He took a vulgar variant of our language and raised it to the literary standard, millenia old heritage erased for more efficiency, not all Serbs are good with that.

Look buddy you can claim Bosnian language as some "Serb dialect" for all I care, but do not insult my language which enabled that you can understand your co-nationals from other villages.


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