They do not.  I've met a lot of 'Russians' (including Rossiyane) in Europe and around the world and Baltid or East Nordid is not what I would describe them as.

Internet claims aside, most Russians (that were not Asiatic) I met were either East Baltid, Gorid, Pontid, North Pontid and East Nordid.  I saw a ton of blonde Russians in the Baltic and I assume this would be true in St. Petersburg (and the old Novgorod area in general) but most 'Russians' aren't as blonde as Scandinavians or Finns, albeit the rate of blondism among ethnic Russians may be higher than in Western Europeans (British women and dye jobs aside, most British people minus skin are pretty dark I think).

In my particular city, most Russians (Ruski and Rossiyane included) are mainly Brunettes.

On average, I thought Ukrainians in West Ukraine were lighter and more Europid than the Russians I've seen in my life but mind you there's a lot of racially mixed Russians in Russia and abroad.


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