You're Scandinavian and you ain't blond.

A good chunk of that is Norwegian and many Norwegians aren't blonde.  Norwegians are easily the least blonde among Scandinavians.  The Norwegian king is technically mixed with everything, but there are ethnic Norwegians like the Prime Minister (Jens Stoltenberg) who is brunette.  In North America, no one would ever guess that I am part Scandinavian (because of my dark hair) but Scandinavians in South East Asia would sometimes address me in their language (since Scandinavians themselves know that not everyone in their country is a blonde).

I've been classified before as North Pontid (sometimes North Atlantid too) and really a North Pontid is just a pigmented East Nordid, If I dyed my hair blonde (although it would look ghey because I can't dye the eyebrows or beard) I would look more Nordic.

[img width=487 height=700]http://www.regjeringen.no/upload/SMK/Portrettbilde/Statsministeren/bildearkiv/jens%20stoltenberg1%20171005.jpg” />

Funny thing but if I showed Jen's photo to people I know in Canada, they maybe would guess he is Eastern European since he isn't blonde hair but doesn't look British, French or German.


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