Hahaha yeah. One Slovene guy actualy found out his ancestors came from Russia. I dont know how exactly becouse i forgot but he claimed and got land of his ancestors in Russia. :)

Well concerning that, endonym Словѣнє is much older than Славѣнє. Second form is attested in XV century, while in OCS slavs are called Словѣнє. слово – word, reason, слава – glory. Older form is preserved in OCS:. Словѣнє, Ukrainian: слов'яни, Serbian: Словени, Macedonian Словени, Slovene: Slovani, Polish: Słowianie, Czech: Slované, Slovak: Slovania, Kashubian:Słowiónie, Upper Sorbian: Słowjenjo, Lower Sorbian: Słowjany

Green eyes as I noticed are very spread among Serbs, me myself included.

Among Bosniaks as well, I think in Croatia also.


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