You can't, according to EU you have to follow the standard, which means if you are not able to produce according to the conditions that are valid for whole of the EU, you have to invite someone who can.

If you have industry that is producing chocolate, and that industry is obsolete, it needs sanation to be in accordance with the EU standards, you need to import chocolate until that standard is achieved, or sell that industry to someone that has the money (mostly Germans) who will sanate it 'for you', selling you your own chocolate at a higher price.

This mechanism allows higher industries (Western Europe) to monopolise lower industries (Eastern Europe), without being capitalistic, in other terms, I am not buying your economy, it is just that it is not according to standards we (Western Europe) designed for us all, so we have to take care of it ourselves.

They have double standarts and that is the reason why I do not support EU in present form.


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