Doesn't matter if you produce milk or locomotives. You must be prepared to face serious competition in liberal market. But it seems this holds only for post-soviet countries.

Many countries are protecting certain industries within their economies by introducing tariffs, levies, taxes, quotas on various products to make it difficult for foreign producers to stay competitive. There are other mechanisms to protect local market from foreign competitors.
It’s often the case with agricultural products, car industries, alcohol and whatever industry the government wants to protect
It’s called protectionism and it always has been in free market economies.

There is no such a thing as a completely free market. It will never be completely free.

As for the seized train, it’s just a single train which is not going to make a single dent in the economy of either country. Besides, the dispute is between two private companies. If one company feels the train was seized unlawfully, it can always appeal to a court higher in hierarchy.


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