Don't quote me wikipedia bsh and explain me why 'членение *med- + *věd- 'ведающий мёдом' ошибочно'? Use simply your pure reason. Do you have an alternative explanation? If not, ask Russians.

Maybe in Serbian the last part of the word lost the letter 'v' and the word sounds 'med+jed', but in Polish 'wiedź' means 'wiedzieć' and the same is 'veidat' in Russian. Bear in Slavic pagan beliefs had a status of sacral animal and it was connected with 'vieda' – knowledge. Can you accept the other point of view or not? I only make simple linguistic analysis without any support from wikipedia or any other authorities. I don't need them. Pure reason is enough for me.

But why should bears know everything about honey? I believe it would rather be, 'the one who is able to find or knows honey', since people couldn't bears could, more easily that is.

In other words I think the etymology is, the animal that finds/eats honey. Medvěd is also the correct form in Serbian.

– P.S. doesn't Niedz + wiedz, mean Sun + reply.


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