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…for Russian farmers, embroidery had never been “just a decoration”. Contrary, it was thought as a powerful magic tool for shaping reality and for producing Order from Chaos. From magical point of view, to obtain a desirable result in a physical world, a person must set up a supernatural “cause” for it first. Needlepoint patterns worked as such a “cause”…
embroidered talismans in an everyday life of a village Russian family >>>>

1. front:
[img width=700 height=525]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Har2.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=463]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Har3.jpg” />
The meaning:
    harmony and unity of male and female principles.

[img width=700 height=447]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Mom2.jpg” />
[img width=700 height=408]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Mom3.jpg” />

The meaning:
    "Blessing of Mother Earth and Ancestors", a talisman for women.

3. front:
[img width=700 height=465]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Bus2.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=498]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Bus3.jpg” />

The meaning:
    “Successful Business and Education”
    "The Sun blesses one's grain field").
4. front:

[img width=700 height=500]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Sev2.jpg” />
[img width=700 height=456]http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidphoto/ours/Sev3.jpg” />

The meaning:
    “Blessing of the Seven Elements”
    (this pattern was appropriate for cradle curtains, and for clothes of kids between 8 and 14).

For more photos and more description check the link.

Here is a Dictionary of symbols:http://traditionalrussiancostume.com/embroidinfo/index_en.php
Shop with slavic clothes: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RussianEmbroidery


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