I have a couple of questions to the topic starter..

Firstly, is there any urgent need to select any moderator for Russian section? Imo, global moderators perform the task of moderation well.

Secondly, can you explain why is this man? Only because you share common love toward gypsies together? I doubt if it could be a good reason to select him as a moderator. If you love gypsies so much, you can select another forum, you have been already suggested to this option, cvetinov. 

Finally, judging by your close relationship with this man, most likely you're that member suggesting everyone to ignore me here. You already have a crappy experience with others, such s***ty behavior would not surprice me  ::)

There are two active Russians on this forum, Kudesnik and you. Moderators should be unbiased so it was not a hard decision, which one not to choose. On my first impression he fits, and could probably bring us other Russian, as well as maybe Ukrainian members to the forum. If you mean that I am fighting against this turning into another White Aryan Supremacy website, yes I do, there are other sites for that.

– It is not meant as an insult, nor am I suggesting anyone to ignore you (why should I?). My love towards the Gypsies, Jews, Tatars, Turks, Sqiptars, Bosniaks is not grand, but also not hatred.


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