There are two active Russians on this forum, Kudesnik and you. Moderators should be unbiased so it was not a hard decision, which one not to choose. On my first impression he fits, and could probably bring us other Russian, as well as maybe Ukrainian members to the forum. If you mean that I am fighting against this turning into another White Aryan Supremacy website, yes I do, there are other sites for that.

Your suggestion was made after his 40th message about his love to every churka inhabitting our country, your excuse is too weak.  Nobody is going to convert this forum to the WN site, but I don't want to see in place of Russian moderator inadequate pro-jewish faggots, who can't understand the difference between Slavic Russian culture and anti-Slavic Soviet multiracial crap. If you're both interested in the ancient asian cultures, i can google links to the eurasian forums for you.

– It is not meant as an insult, nor am I suggesting anyone to ignore you (why should I?). My love towards the Gypsies, Jews, Tatars, Turks, Sqiptars, Bosniaks is not grand, but also not hatred.

It is unlikely that you would confess. Also why you placed Bosniaks in this list? Our new Russian moderator would not approve of this ignorant decision  :)


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