Your suggestion was made after his 40th message about his love to every churka inhabitting our country, your excuse is too weak.  Nobody is going to convert this forum to the WN site, but I don't want to see in place of Russian moderator inadequate pro-jewish f*****s, who can't understand the difference between Slavic Russian culture and anti-Slavic Soviet multiracial crap. If you're both interested in the ancient asian cultures, i can google links to the eurasian forums for you.

It is unlikely that you would confess. Also why you placed Bosniaks in this list? Our new Russian moderator would not approve of this ignorant decision  :)

A point was re-iterated a numerous times that preserving Slavic heritage does not entail racist or derogatory comments directed at people of other ethnicities.

You are consistently making racist remarks even in this post you are calling asian people ‘churkas’ which is equivalent to retards.

I know about the Russian culture and Slavic culture more than you will. )) I don’t care about moderation status on this forum. Calm down for the good of this forum. Will you?


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