A point was re-iterated a numerous times that preserving Slavic heritage does not entail racist or derogatory comments directed at people of other ethnicities.

If any comments violates rules of this site

You are consistently making racist remarks even in this post you are calling asian people ‘churkas’ which is equivalent to retards.

If any comments violate the rules of this site they can be reported for moderators, i hope you can see the link in the top left corner of every message. If my posts were not deleted, then they don't cause any problem here.
I try to send only substantive comments, your paranoid vision of racism in every post against occupiers of communists is your own problem. Anyway Russia isn't a place for wild savages, if you think otherwise – you're simply retarded  :)

I know about the Russian culture and Slavic culture more than you will. )) I don’t care about moderation status on this forum. Calm down for the good of this forum. Will you?

I'm always calm. It's you who is trying to outdo  ;)


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