It is known that Christianity built its cult on remnants of old pagan belief.

Christianity built its ritual mainly on Jewish rituals from second Temple, on Sinagogue services and New Testament description of Last Supper. During the times Christian ritual did absorbed some details from Pagan practices but it is wrong to say Christianity is built on pagan practices, since vast majority of aspects have nothing to do with Paganism. And, yes, Christianity could not accept Pagan beliefs because they are absolutley incompatible with Christian doctrine. (I guess there is no need to elaborate on this)

It is known that Christianity built its cult on remnants of old pagan belief. Veselin Čajkanović an expert on comparative history of religion published works upon that subject, especially concerning the pre-christian Serbian Slavic pagan belief and its translation into the Serbian Orthodox society.

Veselin Čajkanović was professor of philology and ethnograper not expert on history of religion. Yes he wrote few books about it, even was prfessor on Theological faculty in Belgrade, but nevertheless he was not expert in History of Religion, and hardly that his works about slava bear any scholary significance because he never tried to look on it from Christian perspective.
BTW I belive you meant transition.

A grand aspect is the patron of the clan, the Slava, being translated into a Christian personality. The Slava is surely not a Christian tradition, since it is unknown among other Christians.

Two factual errors.

1. Slava is surley Christian tradition since it is practicised exclusivelly by Christians (some of them are nominaly, but nevertheless they use that fatc to confirm their nominal adherence to Christianity). There are 4 theories about origin of Slava, two see it as something derived from non-Christian practices, but no matter of origin, Slava is family celebration of patron Saint, in Christian spirit, with Christian aspects, with Christian prayers and chants, with Christian symbols (koljivo, hljeb, vino). Being derived from something is not sam with being that something. Besides that there are theories about pure christian origin of Slava, and they are better founded. 
2. Slava is present among Macedonians and in border areas of Albania, Bulgaria Romania and Greece, also among some Croats.

Even if we accept theory that Slava is influenced by Pre-Christian  costumes it does not change anything. To counter influence of Heretical movements and other religions Church established holydays on same days with Orthodox essence, Examples: Establishing of Theophany in Response to Gnstics, Establishing Christmas in response to cult of Sol Invictus. Slava have clearly Christian symbolsim so it could only be established by priests to counter Pagan Festivals.


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