1. He was apointed more because his personal friendship with professors of PBF (OTF).

2. Slava is Christian practice with possible pagan influences. You are mistaking possible influneces in genesis of that with substance. What are basic elements of slava: Koljivo (Christian symbol), Candles (Yes I know it is present in lot of faiths, but here their use is in pure Christian sense), Icon of patron saint (Christian), bread and wine (most essential Christian symbols, derived from Jewish costumes) Frankincense (another Christian symbol), before meal all participants pray (Slavarice: "Во Славу и чест Свете Живоначалне Јединосушне  и Нераздјељиве Тројице, Оца и Сина и Светога Духа" "For the Glory and Honour of Holy Lifebegining and Unseparable Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit" real heatan sounding)

1. Is an ad hominem

2. Idolatry is prohibited in pure Christianity, in the Hebrew Bible, including as one of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-4) and in the New Testament (for example 1 John 5:21, most significantly in the Apostolic Decree recorded in Acts 15:19-21), therefore it is unplausible that Slava (idolatry in its almost purest form) is of pure Christian origin.


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