This is all true, nonetheless, let's be logical.

Old Christianity prohibits idolatry. Therefore a cult image or idol, a material object, representing someone else than God (and not even him I believe), to which religious worship is directed, is prohibited.

Romans, Greeks, Germans, Slavs all were pagans, polytheists, with a vast tradition built upon idolatry, worshipping various deities. By adopting the Old Christianity in the Roman doctrine, therefore designing the contemporary Roman Christianity (finally Catholicism and Orthodoxy), the still very much alive polytheist practices of the majority (even to say all of the people) had to be 'justified' in accordance with the Christian Thought (which prohibited it), with producing the least aversion of the people towards the 'new faith', else one would risk further political instabilities, thus instead of venerating of idols and cult images, which was prohibited, it was found just and right to venerate their counterparts, namely Saints, which were often given pagan traits (thunderer, healer, speaking with animals, etc.) in relation to the former pagan idol they replaced.

This suited the usual practice the common folk was used to, without great aversion to the new rule, as well as the 'justification' in accordance to the Church, that actually prohibited it.

Now that is plausible. The text you wrote is true, but it shows the mere measure of 'justification and interpretation' needed for the pagan practice to be in accordance with the Christian Thought. If I put a Christian sticker over a pagan practice, it doesn't make its roots Christian.

As you could see there is no idolatry in Slava.
Furthermore origin of  Slava be it of pure Christian influence, or is it reaction on Pagan costumes, is not essential here. Main fact is it is Christian in its nature, noth hidden worship of Pagan gods.

I heard so often people pray to the Saints for all kinds of things… rain, better harvest, more money, health, luck etc. If that is not idolatry, what is? A mere 'justification' of idolatry, of worshipping (venerating) a Saint as a proxy of Jesus that is a proxy of God, is in the accordance with the Church, but an obviously fabricated idea incompatible with the Christian Thought (that prohibits worship of others than God) to justify idolatry.


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