That's nice, but all you did, Dalibor, is point the "facts" you were taught at Bogoslovija faculty or wherever. And their facts are pretty much destorted to say the least. There are many things you said i would dissaprove, but Cvetinov already did it in a manner quite similar that i would have.

Of course the christians don't teach St. Elijah (Perun) to be thunderer, just like nowdays they don't teach that Jesus really ressurected people and sh*t.  Their paradigm changes and shifts with the consciousness of the people.

I never said that christianity is a hidden worship of pagan gods, but i did say (just like Cvetinov illustratively pointed it out), it is just a sticker glued onto the pagan beliefs and practices, or should i say plagiarism.

Vidovdan is supposed to be the longest day in the year, the beginning of summer or summer solstice, which pagans celebrated and named it according to their God, Svetovid. I'm not aware that christians are so fond of astronomy :)

Yet even if it is true (and it is not, at least for orthodox christianity in Serbia) that christian rites and practices derived from jewish ones… why the hell would i, in Serbia, practice such things? At least, we Serbs, can be proud of our rich history and tradition, which spans from longer than the arrival of christians here. Why should i worship some jew ? nein danke

Religion is nothing but a political tool, always was and always will be (especially judeo-muslim-christian ones, which needless i say, were very violent in their making). Faith/belief is something else, it is personal matter and should not be conditioned nor restricted by anything or anyone, and religion pretty much does such things, so it could easily control the masses for their own political purposes.

The main problem in Serbia, and many other nations, is identification of people with religion, where it should be identification with blood. This reached its peak in recent history, during the wars, and it is how they distinguish themselves from surrounding nations of different religions with which we warred. For example, many people support Russia more than Poland or Czech, just because Russians are orthodox christians (not even because of slavic bond), whereas we have more connection with Poles 'cause we originated from those areas.

Steta sto moramo, da se sporazumevamo na ovom engleskom :)

Pozdrav braco, Slava!


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