Dalibor argumented that the genesis did surely occure in mutual influence, but that the Christian church does not worship pagan deities, but Saints of the Christian thought. What the common folk sees in these practices is irrelevant from his point of view.

With this I agree.

Exactlly. Some people did not understood Chrisitan dogmas, and they adjusted it to their own personal wiewpoint, which could significantly differ from what is acctual Christian teaching. But it is still their personal wiew.

Example, in middle ages vast majority of people were iliterate. Thy were going in Church and saw icons and frescoes of St. Elijas (That was one of main proposes of Icons and Fresocs) and saw him in flaming chariots, so in their mind he go associated with him thunder. They understood Christianity enough to know there is just one God and that saints are people who could intermediate with God, but they gave some of atributes of their former dieties to certain Christian saints. It is popular belief, not Church doctrine.


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