Nobody believes it is a Church doctrine, but as you noticed this forums main agenda is extraction and preservation of those traditions found as pre-Christian. All the threads you will find are from the point of common belief and its interpretation in correspondence with the ancestral faith the Slavs practiced before being baptized. Thats why Slavic heritage, there are common traits we Slavs share, and these traits are being discovered under a large dust brought by well, Christianity.

Choosing Christianity as the lowest common denominator of all folk practices and traditions today practiced by Slavs, erases our common heritage, and makes our people, nothing more than an unworthy tabula rasa, that only with Christianity became a folk. Which is unplausible, and certainly false, according to oral tradition, archeological findings and historical documents.

We are commoners Dalibor, not clergy, we believe what we want to believe. None of us actually believes (maybe some do) in a carpenter from Middle East that ressurected, not by reason at least, and the common people then, I believe, not even knew where Middle East is.

Cherishing ones tradition, doesn't imply believing. If my ancestors believed the sun was a bearded man, I would still cherish it as a tradition. There was a philosophical trait of Christianity that people found very valuable, and which was non-existent in the pagan faith, namely forgiveness and humanity. The aspect of elevating a carpenter without a father, and his mother to demi-gods, is nothing more than the old European cult-image tradition, just in accordance with the Christian thought.

That is my opinion about the whole subject.


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